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Main Attractions in Ragusa Province

Cave d’Ispica
Fascinating Bronze Age necropolis stretching over 6 miles.

Casa Museo di Salvatore Quasimodo
Museum celebrating the Modica lyricist and Nobel Price of Literature winner Salvatore Quasimodo (1901 – 1968).  

Duomo di San Giorgio
Main church of the town, baroque style.

Santa Croce Camarina
Museo Archeologico Regionale di Kamarina
Museum with exhibits from the ancient town of Kamarina. The excavations should not be missed.

Castello di Donnafugata
This seemingly medieval castle from the aristocratic family of Arezzo de Spuches is some 9 miles outside of Ragusa.

Chiesa di Santa Maria dell’Itria
Pretty baroque church in the old town of Ragusa Ibla.

Main church in the Upper Town of Ragusa from the 18th century.

Museo Archeologico di Ragusa Ibleo
Archeological museum with exhibits mainly from pre-historic and ancient Greek times.

Small town with 25.000 inhabitants, very pretty baroque centre.


Sightseeing Ragusa


Dr. Anita Bestler